Street Begging in City Centre

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Increasing complaints from residents and businesses about street begging in Gloucester city centre, prompted Gloucester City Council to develop a "Safe and Attractive Street Policy" to provide an "engage, support, enforce" plan to address the issue.

Gloucester City Council's community safety team and the city centre police team worked together with partners to help beggars and rough sleepers access the help they need.

Letters of concern have been issued to beggars to provide advice and make referrals to organisations who can help people get off the streets. Any who have continued to beg have been issued with warning letters saying that they must engage with the support that is available to them. Any who persistently beg will face criminal action.

Already there have been some successes and some beggars have moved to supported housing enabling them to access appropriate services.

The latest operation of the police and city council officers have reported a large reduction of street beggars in the centre of Gloucester.

Businesses, residents and visitors are encouraged to report anyone they see on the street to Street Link using the app or online form on the Street Link website so that they can be helped by outreach workers to access help. Anyone who witnesses begging occurring, or is affected by begging related nuisance should report it to the Police using 101.


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