Preventing Terrorism and Radicalisation

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Terrorism can occur anywhere in the world with atrocities carried out in support of various ideologies. There is no single definition of terrorism but it commonly refers to criminal acts intended to provoke a state of terror in the general public.

The most serious threat that we face in the UK is from international terrorism linked to or influenced by Al-Qaeda who wrongly use religion to justify their actions. However, terrorism can me motivated by a range of ideologies or other factors, including religion, politics and race.In the UK extreme right win groups and single issue groups such as animal rights campaigners can pose a significant can pose a significant threat.

What is Prevent?

Prevent is part of the Governments's counter-terrorism strategy that aims to stop people becoming terrorists. It is a multi agency approach to safeguard people at risk of radicalisation.

How does Prevent work?

It looks at building a deeper understanding of how individuals become radicalised.

This helps to identify ways of preventing people from becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism.

Typically, a radicalisation process includes exposure of an individual to extremist viewpoints that may eventually influence the person to carry out an act of violent extremism or terrorism.  This could take weeks, months or even years. It is possible to intervene during this process and stop someone becoming a terrorist or supporting violent extremism activity.

What is Channel?

Channel is a process developed to support people at risk of being drawn towards terrorism or violent extrmism.

Partners work together to support individuals vulnerable to radicalisation and provide tailored safeguarding measures to support their needs. Channel Partnershs include Local Authority, Healthcare providers, Probatio, Police and members of the community.

A range of options are availalble including mentoring, welfare support and access to key services.

This process can support the people in your community if it is needed. You may have concerns that an individual is susceptible to radicalisation or recruitment by terrorists or violent extremists. The earlier the Channel intervention the more likely it is to be effective; so make the referral at the earliest point.

So what does this mean for you?

We all have a role to play in Prevent within our organisations and communities by helping people understand  what the strategy aims to achieve.

If you believe someone is at risk of radicalisation you can help them obtain support and prevent them becoming involved in terrorism by raising your concerns and making a referral.

To make a referral or report any online or terrorist material you may come across online or elsewhere, call the confidential Anti Terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321. Always in an emergency call 999.

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