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Community Conversation How can we create a Gloucester where everyone feels safe? Facilitator Cormac Russell invites pledges Nick Gazzard, Tim Wood and Delroy Ellis Tree of Pledges Young people are good people, treat them as such

Following several knife crime incidents, residents in Gloucester came together to join the conversation to discuss how we can create a Gloucester where everyone feels safe.
An initial event was held at the Gloucester Guildhall in December and a second event in July. Residents shared personal stories and views on how the people of Gloucester could be part of increasing community safety in the city.

Residents considered:

  • What things could only agencies do?
  • What things could the community do assisted by agencies?
  • What things could community alone do?
  • Several activities are now taking place across the city to raise awareness of knife crime and the devastating effects it has on individuals and families:
    • Police enforcement to seek out offenders and bring them to justice
    • Call Ins - a police led multi agency initiative in the Crown Court where young people and their families are invited a mock trial and hear how knife crime impacts everyone involved including the emergency services and the families of the victims and offenders 
    • Great Expectations - working with young people who are vulnerable to or are involved in criminality and has a three tiered approach: Tier 1, a one day custody experience programme aimed at young people who have been identified as displaying anti social or inappropriate behaviour; Tier 2, a two day court and prison experience programme for young people who have displayed anti social or inappropriate behaviour as a result of which they have been arrested; Tier 3, a seven week intensive programme aimed at young people who are on the verge of ending up in custody as a result of displaying high risk behaviour in their communities
    • Aston Project - an innovative project run by Gloucestershire Constabulary whereby young people earn credits and receive rewards to spend the credits they have earned
    • Staysafe Patrols - multi agency initiative talking to young people on the street, ensuring they are safe and offering help if they are vulnerable
    • Your Knife or Your Life - a drama presentation with workshops, to highlight to young people the impact of knife crime on individuals and families. This project will also offer an opportunity for concerned parents and carers to talk over their worries and find out where to access support. If you have concerns about a young person who may be carrying a knife or associating with others who carry knives, please complete the nomination form below or ring 01452 907244.
    • Education and awareness raising - for Year 7 pupils across the county funded by the Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner and provided by Fearless (young person's Crimestoppers)
    At the community meetings, it was clear that many residents felt that solutions to tackle these issues were more holistic. Views such as having better relationships between young and older people in the community, making the best use of activities in local areas, educational programmes, and increasing positive promotion of young people all featured heavily.

    Safer Gloucester is committed to continuing conversations across communities. If you are passionate about making your community relationships stronger and making Gloucester a safe place to live, work and visit, please get involved.


Nomination form for Your Knife or Your Life (Word Document 38KB)

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