City's new cameras helping to keep streets safer


The upgraded CCTV system in Gloucester City centre has been credited by Gloucestershire Police for helping to catch criminals in the act.

Working in partnership with BT, the council rolled out the new CCTV cameras in September 2015, as part of an upgrade project with the installation of free Wi-Fi and improved 4G connectivity in the city centre.

The upgrades saw 50 new high-definition CCTV cameras installed in the heart of the city centre and Gloucester Park, along with a new camera control room.

One of the major benefits of the new camera system is the improvement to image quality, as well as 360 degree movement capabilities, which allows camera operators to follow suspects as they move through the streets.

Following a number of successes, Police chiefs praised the new CCTV system as being a decisive part in the prosecutions.

PC Mark Mansfield, licensing officer for the city, said; "It's stunning. This CCTV is crystal clear, not like the pixelated images of old.

"The only way I can described it is that night time is now like daytime thanks to these facilities. They're already helping us identify people linked to incidents and I'm sure will help us get results we wouldn't have otherwise got in the future."

City Council officers worked closely with colleagues at BT to roll out the new system, which brought free Wi-Fi to the streets as part of the city's commitment to hosting the Rugby World Cup.

Councillor Jennie Dallimore, cabinet member for communities and neighbourhoods, said; "When we put the new CCTV systems in place in September, we wanted to make sure people that are working, studying, shopping or socialising in the city felt safe on our streets.

"These state of the art systems help to keep crime levels low and improve safety in Gloucester by acting as a deterrent to any potential criminals. With high quality images of offenders available to them, the Police are far more likely to be able to make prosecutions if an offence is committed.

"We want Gloucester to be a safe and welcoming place for people to live, work and visit. Working alongside the Police, we're helping to make that a reality."



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