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Paws on Patrol, they'll be there on the double

Safer Gloucester will be bringing Paws on Patrol back to Gloucester Park on 20th May 2017 to celebrate the success of the scheme.


Best Bar None Awards Ceremony 2017

Gloucester's second Best Bar None Awards Ceremony to take place on 17th January


Success in City Centre as Nuisance Behaviour Drops

Following the introduction of Gloucester City Council's Safe and Attractive Streets Policy, the number of persistent beggars in the city centre has dropped.


'Best Bar None' Award Scheme Expands in Gloucester

Best Bar None returns to Gloucester to decide who will be the Best Bar None in 2017. Safer Gloucester has expanded the scheme to reach across the whole city and includes two new categories for entry.


Four Legs on the Beat: Paws on Patrol

Get ready for a great day out in Gloucester Park as Paws on Patrol returns for the 5th year! Two local young people to assist the Police Dog Handlers with their displays after winning the competition to design their hero dog.


Paws on Patrol Returns to Gloucester Park - What Does Your Super Hero Look Like?

Paws on Patrol returns to Gloucester Park on 7th May offering a chance for young people in Gloucester to win the opportunity to work with the Police Dogs in the Arena.


Gloucester city win National Best Bar None Award

Gloucester's commitment to keeping the city centre's nightlife safe has resulted in the city being named as a winner in the National Best Bar None Awards.


City's new cameras helping to keep streets safer

Gloucester City Council's new CCTV cameras provide sharper images for helping to catch criminals in the act


Let's Have a Conversation

Communities in Gloucester are coming together to work to make everyone feel safe. Recently, residents showed concern that many young people feel the need to carry knives or weapons and Safer Gloucester wants to work with communities to build on the positive activities to enable those young people to find the confidence to leave those knives behind.


Advent wishes to keep you safe this December

Safer Gloucester will be displaying Advent wishes to keep you safe this December with an advent calendar with a crime prevention message for each day leading up to Christmas



Paws on Patrol!

Calling all dog owners in Gloucester - keep your eyes and ears open for Safer Gloucester’s Paws on Patrol!

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