Are you afraid of someone?


Are you afraid of someone? Criminologist and author Dr Jane Monckton-Smith is presenting 'Are you afraid of someone? Understanding coercive control, stalking and homicide' at The Kingsholm Rugby Stadium, Kingsholm Road, Gloucester on Tuesday 29th November at 6pm.

The free public lecture at the rugby stadium draws on her work in domestic homicide, and will explore some of the most damaging behaviours observed in intimate relationships.

The new coercive control legislation reflects how important these behaviours are in assessing potential risk, and she will explore case studies to show some of the most common danger signs which are seen but often go under the radar.

Dr Monckton-Smith said: "This talk is relevant for everyone, because coercive control knows no boundaries of age, class, sexual orientation, health status, ethnicity or gender."

A former police officer, Dr Monckton-Smith is a senior lecturer in Criminology at the University of Gloucestershire. She chairs Domestic Homicide and Mental Health Reviews and Inquiries, advises police at a local and national level, and works with stalking and homicide charities. She also works with people bereaved by homicide who may need help with police and criminal processes.

As well as regularly speaking in the media and in public, she has written a number of books on subjects including sexual assault and murder, and forensic investigation.

The evening will open with light refreshments at 6pm and the talk will start at 6.15pm.

The event is free to attend but seats must be booked. Places can be booked by emailing:


Places can be booked by emailing:
Flyer for Are you afraid of someone? (PDF 185KB)



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