Gloucester City Crime Maps

As of the 1st February 2011, the Home Office have launched a national website where the public can, for the first time, access numbers of recorded incidents to the Police in all streets of England and Wales. The website also provides details of your local Safer Community Team (SCT) and information about meetings with the Police that the public can attend and raise any concerns. The Home Office are seeking a greater level of transparency and hope to include more information in the future about conviction rates and court progress reports. 

Viewers of the maps should however be cautious when interpreting the data, as one street in Gloucester has been highlighted as an Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) hotspot, when this is not the case. Click here to read the response from Superintendent Gary Thompson, Chair of Safer Gloucester, explaining why Fairford Way has been highlighted.

In addition, the Community Safety Analyst from Inform Gloucestershire has produced maps to show the 'hot', 'warm' and 'cool' areas of the County for all the different crime categories.

These maps allow you to see how the street where you live compares to the 'norm' or the average level of crime for Gloucestershire, and therefore provide more context than those on the national site.

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