Crime Prevention Advice - Holiday Security Hints

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When summer aproaches we look forward to our holidays and spending some time away from home. However we want to come home and find everything as we left it.

Four out of five burglaries occur when a house or flat is unoccupied; so don't advertise that you're away on holiday.

Here are a few tips to help reduce the chances of returning home, fully refreshed, only to find that you have become a victim of burglary.

  • Make sure your home looks occupied. Closed curtains in the daytime make it look as if no one is at home.

  • Cancel deliveries of milk, newspapers etc. discreetly - don't announce your departure to a shop full of people.

  • Don't tell friends and family of your holiday on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Only tell people who need to know you're going away.

  • Use automatic timer switches on radios as well as lights. Dusk to dawn low energy bulbs could also be used around the house, both internally and externally.

  • Don't leave valuable items like TV's, videos or hi-fi visible through windows.

  • Ensure garages and sheds are secured and consider fitting a shed alarm to the inside of the doors.

  • Don't have your home address showing on your luggage for the outward journey. Put this only on the inside.

  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked and if you have a burglar alarm make sure it is set.

  • Ask a relative, friend or neighbour to check that all post and free papers are fully pushed through the letterbox, the front lawn is cut and the rubbish bin is not left out.

  • Finally, inform your Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator that you will be away and provide them with any key holder details. 

It's worth spending a quiet couple of minutes on the doorstep, prior to leaving, to check that you've done all you had to do and taken everything you need with you.

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