Crime Prevention Advice - Keeping Your Bike Safe in Gloucester

Bicycle thefts have increased in Gloucester this year and many of these thefts were of bicycles that were not correctly secured.

The Police recommend that you buy a good quality lock and park your bike in a well-lit, busy area. Bike thieves can cut through bike cable locks in 3 - 10 seconds They are prepared to remove wheels or unscrew street signs if they get in the way of taking the bike.

Safer Gloucester has purchased some alarmed bike "D" locks which can be purchased from Bearland Police Station for £10 each. Once locked, the bike "D" lock will activate upon vibration, the ear piercing 130 dB siren activates for about 10 seconds every time it detects vibration of 2 seconds or more. These alarmed "D" locks will be available at the Safer Gloucester Christmas Crime Prevention Event in King's Walk on Tuesday November 17th 2015.

Often when Police recover bikes it is very difficult to match the bike back to the original owner. Should your bike ever be stolen, you can increase the chances of being reunited with your bike by registering the frame number for free on This is a huge database that the Police can use to track stolen bikes across Britain. There are options on the Bike Register site to increase your bike's security:

Membership Plus Kit (£12.99 plus delivery) a highly durable tamper resistant QR Code label that gives your bike a unique Bike Register ID.

Permanent Marking Kit (£20.99 plus delivery) - a kit to permanently mark your bike frame with a unique Bike Register ID. This product holds Police preferred Secured by Design accreditation.

Covert Kit (£29.99 plus delivery) - a kit to mark all of your bike's components with uniquely coded microdots, as well as permanent, colourless UV etch and a high security TESA label to visibly mark your frame.

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