Burglary Challenge

Safer Gloucester organised a burglary challenge to invite the media to visit a house in the city to try to ascertain the vulnerable points of entry.

The house was set up with plenty of visual clues- in a bid to highlight easy break in spots and so hopefully encourage householders to avoid such pitfalls. A police officer then took on the role of burglar and showed how easy it is to enter a property - just because a door or window is left open or insecure. Often, especially throughout the summer months, windows are left open when the owner is out or in bed. Windows should always be locked and keys taken out of the locks to stop burglars having another option of a quick getaway.

Here are a few tips given by Safer Gloucester:

Never leave cardboard boxes outside for refuse collection when new purchases have been made - this is especially important after Christmas.

Never leave wheelie bins or moveable furniture in the front garden that could be used as a climbing aid.

Never leave unsecured ladders in your garden. Always secure them in a locked shed or garage.

Ladders can assist climbing to enable entry through upstairs insecured windows.

And make the entry all too easy!!

Never leave house or car keys within reach of the front door where they can be hooked through the letter box

Never leave a door key hanging behind the letterbox

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