Anti-Social Behaviour

The Safer Gloucester Partnership recognises that every agency has a vital role to play in tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB) and it is our aim to work together to ensure that safe and tolerant communities are built and maintained. By sharing our resources and expertise the Safer Gloucester Partnership is achieving this aim.

A multi-agency team named Project SOLACE works to bring agencies together to deal with ASB. Gloucester City Council and Gloucestershire Constabulary, has taken on the management function of the team.

Project SOLACE tackles ASB where it exists in private tenancies, owner-occupiers and public places, and has developed processes to act swiftly to prevent ASB. Whilst it supports people to take responsibility for their actions, it challenges those who don't. The team has access to legal resources to bring to justice perpetrators and be seen to be dealing expediently with the problems. The Project SOLACE team also have specialist knowledge which ensures perpetrators are dealt with in a way which provides the best solution for all concerned - from the statutory partners to the victims and witnesses.

The Referral Criteria for Project Solace are:

  1. High risk to victim or high impact on community
  2. Partnership priorities (as agreed between the Council and Police) requiring a multi-agency response
  3. Support in cases where urgent civil action is required (eg closure order)
  4. Medium risk ASB that would: (i) benefit from a multi- agency response, and /or (ii) has significant potential to escalate
  5. Support all other cases where civil enforcement action is being considered
Referrals should be made to the team email address: - for members of the public or those without secure email addresses telephone the City Council switchboard 01452 396396.

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