The Prolific and Priority Offender (PPO) Scheme

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The PPO scheme works to reduce reoffending of individuals who are responsible for large quantities of crimes.

Since its introduction the PPO Scheme in the Forest & Gloucester has helped reduce offences committed by PPO's by 63%. 

Dwelling Burglary reduced between 08/09 and 09/10 by 20%.

Over the last five years 214 offenders across the county have been monitored resulting in 51% less crime bring committed.

Home Office data indicates that convictions for Gloucestershire PPOs have been slashed by over 40% year on year since the inception of the scheme.

The Gloucester and Forest unit continues to work with between 30 and 40 individuals to try and prevent them from committing further offences and to protect our communities from harm.

The PPO initiative adopted within Gloucestershire is not only an effective method of crime reduction but also actively aims to improve health, reduce homelessness and access one of the most difficult to reach groups within the county.

What is a Prolific or Priority Offender?

A PPO is any person aged 18 or over where suitable graded intelligence exists (with provenance) to support that such an individual is committing target offences which are having a significant impact upon law and order, or their offending or behaviour is having an adverse and significant on local community life.

Why Create a Prolific & Priority Offender (PPO) Scheme?

It is estimated that out of a million active offenders, 100,000 have 3 or more convictions and are responsible for half of all crime. The most active 5,000 of this group are estimated to be responsible for 1 in 10 offences.

Who Owns the Scheme?

The Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) within the County, own the response to PPOs, and with support from statutory organisations such as the Police and Probation, have created three Prolific and Priority Offender units in the County.

We Work From Bearlands In Gloucester - What Do We Do?

Gloucestershire Constabulary manage PPO’s in partnership with Gloucestershire Probation Trust, Gloucestershire Independence Trust and HM Prison Service. (Working in partnership with other agencies does not mean doing each other’s jobs or having their responsibilities. It means working together to a common purpose – to protect the public by stopping PPO’s offending and rehabilitating them into society).

We Focus On….

Rehabilitate & Resettle – To work with PPO’s and reduce / stop their offending by a range of supportive interventions and pathways.

Catch & Convict – To actively target PPO’s and swiftly place them before the Criminal Justice System.

Some of our daily tasks include….

Overview of Gloucester and Forest PPO Units Core Business

♦ Visit PPO’s to drug test / monitor life style / obtain intelligence

♦ Liaise with Treatment providers / Housing / Health Organisations

♦ Liaise with other Probation experts to provide Training / Education / Employment

♦ To ensure continued support of Problematic Drug Users (PDU’s) through all treatment pathways in an effort to maintain abstinence and provide an opportunity for rehabilitation

♦ Liaise with Probation to ensure non compliance of License / Community Orders are addressed and recall powers are used where necessary

♦ Training of new recruits regarding the role of the PPO Unit and intelligence gathering

♦ Disseminate intelligence in line with the TAC process across the Division

♦ Maintain intranet based client contact sheets for all partners.

♦ Visit PPO’s in custody with partner’s post sentence and pre release to provide continued support.

♦ Monitor Bail Conditions / Home Detention Curfew / Tag and assess suitable release accommodation

♦ Collect PPO’s on release from prison and convey them to Probation.

♦ Target / Arrest / Process PPO’s who continue to commit crime

♦ Provide information to both Magistrate and Crown Court with regard to a PPO’s compliance and attend in person if required

So what's next……?

IOM - Integrated Offender Management

'The same principles of successful partnership working rolled out to a wider but less prolific audience'

• DIP (Drug Intervention Project) allocation working from Police HQ
• 3 additional DIP workers at Bearland working alongside existing PPO team
• Probation Service will have dedicated Offender Manager's and supervision for the County IOM / PPO
• Restorative Justice addressing offending behaviour and giving victims a voice
• Housing allocation and Support with Stoneham and the launch of the 'Atlas Project'
• Action 4 Employment working with PPO's to improve social skills and work.

 PPO Partner Logos

 Click here to read a case study of an ex-PPO who worked with the unit to rehabilitate and change their lifestyle.




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Best Bar None came back to Gloucester for the second year. Following the success of 2015, the awards ceremony in January 2017, saw 18 premises become accredited to the National Best Bar None standard.

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