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Halloween posters warning off unwelcome trick or treat callers are now available.

Download the 'Halloween Handout' poster that can then be displayed in windows or doors of homes. The posters ask trick or treat callers not to visit.

Halloween can be harmless fun, but sometimes members of the community can become distressed by unexpected callers.

The behaviour of some trick or treaters has also been intimidating and even criminal - in the past there have been incidents of vandalism, damaged property and graffiti.

There are guidelines for parents and young people who plan to trick or treat:

  • Parents or a responsible adult should always accompany children to make sure that they stay safe.
  • Parents should identify neighbours who are willing to have trick or treat calls.
  • Make these neighbours aware of approximately what time you plan to call.
  • Discuss with these neighbours what treats are appropriate.
  • If money is given, identify a charity for this to be donated to.
  • Discuss what 'tricks' are acceptable with your children.

Parents should discourage older children (teenagers) from trick or treating - it is an activity for young children. As a rule, if they are old enough to trick or treat on their own, they are too old to do it.

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